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About Me

I am Lara Brodkin and I am currently showing up in my life with the mission to share my enthusiasm for fitness and wellness with other women.


I am a certified group fitness instructor, personal trainer and health coach. All of my life experiences to date have prepared me for my new venture.


First and foremost, being a mom of three incredible young adults and a wife of 26 years to my amazing soul mate, has taught me that the energy one chooses to show up with everyday is infectious and it is our responsibility to find out how to bring happy and healthy vibes to our lives.

At the age of 18, my mother suggested that I pursue the path of becoming a fitness instructor. Although I didn’t go in that direction at the time, as my family, friends (and anyone who would give me a minute of their time) can attest, the sharing of my passion for fitness became a passion in itself. With this path on hold, after graduating with a B.A. in English, I pursued a career in radio and television journalism. Eventually, I left the work force to dedicate my time to raising my family. 


My lifestyle has embodied a healthy living approach for over 30 years. In my late teens, I discovered exercise. While, like everyone, I was excited by what exercise did for my appearance, it became clear to me quite early that, far more importantly, working out unleashed an energy and calm in me that was intoxicating.


Through my 20’s, this served me well as I faced deep grief when my mother passed away from Leukemia. This loss propelled me to learn as much as possible about the effects of nutrition and lifestyle on disease. The strong scientific evidence that links healthy lifestyle to disease prevention is staggering and continues to motivate me to stick to my holistic approach to wellness. I have also been through many stages of women’s health challenges after the birth of my three children in my late 20’s and early 30’s and more recently going into early menopause at 45. I have learned how to thrive during these hormonal fluctuations through lifestyle choices. 


In the last ten years, my passions led me to further my true calling to this field. I have completed many courses in holistic nutrition and, most recently, I became certified as a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and health coach. To compliment my new skill set, I also began a recent self care journey integrating meditation and journaling into my daily routine. From this breadth of knowledge and experience, Glow Fit has evolved. 


My many hobbies have also led to Glow Fit’s creation. I am an avid reader of all things health, fitness and psychology, a fitness junky who has tried every possible exercise class under the sun, a runner, a spinner, a swimmer, a meditator, a journal writer, a home cook, a host to large family gatherings, a spirited holiday celebrator and a lover of music who can be found dancing in my kitchen with my family - there is always time for a dance party moment.


I am not a believer in rigid, strict approaches to exercise or the practice of dieting.There is absolutely room for chocolate, ice cream  and rest days. What I do firmly believe is that adopting consistent approaches to fitness, nutrition and wellness will lead to life long energy and happiness. 


I am incredibly inspired to help you find what I call the glow of healthy living.


Let me help you radiate from the inside out,


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