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My Favourite Things - Acupuncture Massage Balls

Acupuncture Massage Balls

Taking care of yourself in-between workout sessions will reduce injury and physical burnout. That is why acupuncture balls are one of my favourite things in my self-care toolbox.

Having an acupuncture ball is a godsend, especially during a time when massage therapy is out of the question. You can find this therapeutic ball, referred to as a reflexology ball, massage ball, or acupressure ball easily online. They are made of firm plastic and can be used to release tension in any tight small muscle group. This direct pressure helps with circulation and reduces inflammation.

Just place it under your sore spot and place some light pressure, holding it in place for up to 10 mins to achieve a release in muscle tension. It hits the spot for sore muscles. It's small and portable for when you're on the go, or you can leave it in your gym to use after a workout or as part of a stretch session.


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