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Weight Training is Worth its Weight in Gold

Did you know that women begin to lose up to 5% of lean muscle tissue per decade starting at the age of 30? The good news is that there is a solution at your fingertips!

Lifting weights and strength training has been shown to reverse this unavoidable muscle loss. By developing lean muscle mass, weight loss will come more easily and you will be able to keep your body strong and healthy. There have been countless research studies that show a direct correlation to both your physical and mental health from incorporating weight and resistance training into your lifestyle.

Strength and weight training is the magic bullet to increase metabolism, according to Katie Heimburger, an exercise physiologist in Atlanta. The amount of calories you burn at rest increases with muscle mass. An increased metabolism may be a huge incentive for you, but so should a long list of health benefits that come with gaining muscle. This list includes a decreased risk of many diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and breast cancer; reduced symptoms of PMS; decreased colds and the prevention of other illnesses such as osteoporosis, arthritis, depression, stroke, heart disease, and diabetes.

Dr. Christine Freidenreich from the Canadian Cancer society recommends exercise for cancer prevention, “There is a need for some discipline to make exercise a priority,” says Friedenreich. “You should set aside time every day to do something active.”

According to the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, the benefits of exercise can be shown within a mere week of starting a program. Blood pressure can drop, leading to increased energy and feeling more relaxed. The benefits skyrocket after three months, including better posture, healthier digestion, improved sleep and overall happiness, which in turn leads to healthier choices in life.

Strength training that brings benefits to our everyday lives is worth its weight in gold! Working on weight training movement patterns that your body relies on to get things done, including variations of squats, lunges and push and pull patterns, is an investment worth making for your well-being.

What can start off as a journey to improve your metabolism and mobility can lead to a healthier brain, cognitive function, mental health balance, improved energy levels, improved sleep and hormonal balance.

Let this powerful information be an incentive to channel your inner ‘glow’.


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