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Let’s Get Glowing with Hydration

We all know the drill, drink more water to achieve optimal health. But it may not be as easy to up your hydration game. Maybe knowing some of the benefits it has for us will be enough of an incentive. Along with some tips to add flavour and make the act of drinking easier and tastier!

First lets tackle the why? In the summer months, you can become dehydrated faster due to water loss through sweating. Being dehydrated slows our metabolism, causes our muscles to tighten and reduces our your ability to stay focused. Water is involved with almost every biological function in the body. Your energy and metabolism are fuelled by water. You will be more likely to stick to your goals of self care if you are properly hydrated, because your body and mind will be at it’s best.

Now the how? Being proactive can be a huge help. I am a big fan of habit stacking, for example when you pour your morning coffee, you can fill your water bottle for the day.

Having a cup of water a half an hour before you workout is a good pre workout strategy. As well taking small sips of water throughout your workout, not only keeps you hydrated, but also gives you an energy boost (something I encourage during Glow Fit workouts).

Flavour and vitamin boosts can be found in a variety of electrolyte powders to add to your water.

I am a big fan of a couple of products.

One is ReHydrate electrolyte powder with marine collagen from withinUs. The organic tropical flavour is excellent! Electrolytes are key minerals our bodies need to function at optimal levels. Specifically, aiding in muscle function and with the addition of collagen, you get revitalizing benefits for your joints, skin, nails and hair. Another product that adds great flavour and minerals to your water is called ElctroMag by Can Prev. This adds electrolytes and an excellent source of Magnesium, plus vitamin C. The combination is phenomenal - the health benefits along with hydration are amazing - it aids in muscle, tissue repair and has calming effects from the magnesium while boosting your metabolism! I have also been told it’s an amazing cure for a hangover. As are all all electrolyte drinks!

Another way to flavour your water is to add fruit - this can also make it look more appealing to the eye - actually SO pretty.

Glow Fit Fruit infused water:

One large pitcher of water

Two round lemon slices (thick) cut into 1/4s

Two round lime slices (thick) cut into 1/4s

1/2 cup frozen berries.

Stir and enjoy!

So how much? Women should be aiming for 2.5 - 3 litres/10 -11 cups. This is equivalent to 5 swell water bottles (500ml size). Measure how many cups are in your favourite water vessel so you can keep track. You can get more scientific and take half of your body weight and drink that amount in ounces. Lastly, finding the right water vessel can be the key to success. I am a huge fan of any water bottle that has a straw. It’s trial and error to see what vessel helps you drink more. If you like your water cold, go for stainless steel bottle versus the BPA free plastic bottles.

Hydration Hack: I love the hair elastic incentive trick. Stretch four-five hair elastics around your water bottle or cup and after you finish each bottle/cup put the elastic on your wrist. Hydration goals will be accomplished if you end the day with the stacked elastics on your wrist.

We all have the best of intentions, but the reality is that it’s not always so easy to drink so much. I am a believer in slow and steady wins the race. Begin at a pace that you set for yourself - go for half of the required amount of water for a week and take some notes on your phone or in journal to see how you feel after making this change. Try some of the above ideas to add flavour and visual appeal. Self care feels good!! I encourage you to take some steps to start your summer with hydration goals and feel the glow ladies.

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