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Glow Fit

Radiate from the Inside Out


My Vision for Glow Fit

My name is Lara and I have created Glow Fit to share my passion for fitness. I want to help you reframe your thinking about exercise; to experience it as a time of empowering self care. This mindset is infectious and soon you'll see how strong muscles lead to strong and positive minds.


Regardless of your fitness level, I will guide you through fresh, challenging and necessary workouts to enhance your life. I hope to help you add to your fitness story or to begin a new, more active chapter in your life.

Through Glow Fit classes, we can bond together as a community of strong women. With very few chances to socialize these days, this is an opportunity to connect while we all take an hour of our day to get fit. Sign on to the class a few minutes early or stay a few minutes late. Let's bring a little 'normal' back into the mix.


I would be thrilled to see you in my classes – I would be honoured to coach you joyfully while you find and enhance your glow!

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What should you Expect

from a Glow Fit class?

My goal is to help bring functional training into women’s lives in an upbeat way. 


Music is a key component of the Glow Fit experience. From beginning to end, the class flows to the music that I have carefully chosen to motivate and inspire you.


After a dynamic stretch, I will take you through a series of circuits focusing on strength training and cardio blasts. Each exercise within a circuit will be performed for 45 seconds, followed by a 15 second break. The moves are designed to deliver a full body workout with constant variation to keep your exercise fresh. I will offer modifications of each exercise to allow women of all fitness levels to participate as well as giving detailed cueing throughout.


At the end of your session, in a unique twist to the typical fitness class format, I will lead you through a five minute guided meditation – a time of intentional breathing leading to deep relaxation.  

The benefits of a challenging workout followed by a soothing meditation will saturate your mind and body and set your day off right! 

What You Can Expect from the Accountability Package

Reaching your fitness goals requires careful planning and consistency. I have created a holistic approach to help you unlock your potential and find your fittest self with ease. With this package you will get two weeks of unlimited Glow Fit classes and much, much more. 


Firstly, I will help you set up your week ahead with the Glow Fit Movement Map. This map will help us plan the details of your movement schedule, recovery days and self care approach. Secondly, I will provide you with a Glow Fit Journal. I will help you understand how this quick journaling experience can empower you by incorporating goals that will help you to live fit and be mindful of your nutrition. 


How does it work?


Week One: We start with a 30 minute Zoom call on Saturday or Sunday. I will help you make a plan for the week ahead incorporating the Glow Fit Movement Map and Journal. We will have a mid-week motivational check in over the phone scheduled at a time convenient to you. 


Week Two: We will again meet on Saturday or Sunday for another 30 minute Zoom call to reflect on your past week and to develop a plan for the week ahead. We will speak again by phone during the week as a check-in on your progress. Finally, on Saturday or Sunday, we will have our last 30 minute Zoom call where we will reflect on your experience. 


There is always a new hour, a new day, a new week to get your glow on! 

Accountability Packge




Fitness Class

I loved that!!  Such a nice change from my regular routine. Your workouts are so thorough, and your cueing is excellent!! And loved the meditation at the end.  

—  Daryl

Toronto, ON

This morning’s class was just what I needed and actually what I have been looking for. The music was upbeat and the moves necessary! After hearing  the guided meditation, I made a choice to focus on bringing more peace into my day.

—  Judith 

Naples, FL

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